What we do

Homies is about thinking together and redefining the meaning of home. It is about believing in a new living experience with positive people from all around the world. It is about living into a community-driven space. It is about giving meaning to our life. It is about life.

Our mission is to transform the way people live. Today, the housing offer is rigid and too conventional. It doesn’t answer anymore people’s needs. We imagine flexible, comfortable, connected spaces with everything people need to live, reconnect, work, share memories and have fun. Our aim is to remove the unnecessary day-to-day stress and to refocus on the well being.

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What we stand for

We are committed to operating a modern and responsible business. We believe in :

The power of local economy

We aim at redefining growth, supporting local economies of our centers
Leaning on local producers and shops
Building communities in a way that will reflect the diverse, eclectic nature of each city

The importance of sustainability

We are aware of the Earth’s limited resources.
Environmental impact is considered at every point and in every way possible, from construction of environmental friendly buildings to energy waste monitoring inside our Homies coliving
We also give a second life to our furniture, offering a unique soul to our spaces

The positive impact of ethics

We have the deep conviction that a profitable enterprise can also be transparent, deliver a top quality service and be committed to causes in which it believes

The power of a team

Homies is first of all a story of people seeking for a global and shared adventure, from the colivers to our team working everyday to improve your experience.